Thursday, October 21, 2010

A birth day wish, for your time

Hi!!! friend

Today I write the dearest poem, for a friend who become olden this year. My his friend is Jason in Australia and you will wish him the birth day wish, won't you.


A birth day poem is written
For 40 year old is nearly reach
a scrotum become leather
and become saggy on beach!

You are 39 year of old
a face makes for my vomit
but a friend never has my
disgust in my face recognition it.

SUDDENLY! Next you are 40
Making hole for your commiseration
Inappropriate use of yourself
Hiroku can only use masturbation

You must obtain geisha, immediate!
Your fist becomes wavering!
You good time is to propel golf ball
Is hindered by brain old thinking.

HAHAHAHAH!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! A friend is ^-^

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