Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GT5 !! Review


It is to be created.

Your favourite review will be construct! And to be penned by me in my good time.

YOur time will be good to read it, won't you?

I will review it, GRAN TURISMO 5.

Before it becomes very late.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A birth day wish, for your time

Hi!!! friend

Today I write the dearest poem, for a friend who become olden this year. My his friend is Jason in Australia and you will wish him the birth day wish, won't you.


A birth day poem is written
For 40 year old is nearly reach
a scrotum become leather
and become saggy on beach!

You are 39 year of old
a face makes for my vomit
but a friend never has my
disgust in my face recognition it.

SUDDENLY! Next you are 40
Making hole for your commiseration
Inappropriate use of yourself
Hiroku can only use masturbation

You must obtain geisha, immediate!
Your fist becomes wavering!
You good time is to propel golf ball
Is hindered by brain old thinking.

HAHAHAHAH!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! A friend is ^-^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mr Hiroku joke! New.

Mr hiroku is driving in car, for shopping with friend Tanaka-san.
Suddenly! Traffic intersection is approach! Mr Hiroku run red light! A crash is avoided.
Hiroku slap Tanaka-san! "I am professional driving - red light not apply!"
Suddenly! Another intersection approach! The light is green - but Mr Hiroku STOP his car.
Tanaka-san slap Hiroku "Why to stop, a green light??"


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hockenheim RACE !!!

An anger troubles me.

It becomes a difficult feeling in my stomach pit. Expression of, is, simply, the impossible.

Ferrari swap the driver in the forced radio order!! A massa surely to be victor, but the driver SWAP!

An angry is my troubled time here. In this review, I cannot perform.

The review will become erect on blog when I am not sprouting a HATE.

Anger and the penalty is want.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Next RACE! The terrible news. Silverstone.

I have the terrible news.

My face is happen injury - in NOSE become out of joint.

I shant not be the post F1 last race - SILVERSTONE. Review not complete! Nose is my bad life.

But I have review! Race. It is not your lanky review - I have shorten it by condensation.

Webber win. Vettel destruct. Review of race 8/10. Mitsifumi-san APPROVE!

Now - a bed is required for my nostril is flaring inappropriate.

A german review will be gifted to you, pubice. Please be patient on your waiting or it will cause my anger.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Valencia RACE review!

The race of europe had occurred in Valencia,  the track of which is surrounded in BULL fight country!!

It is fit that BULL (RED) becomes the pole position .

A race is happen, incur much fury!! I become so BORED in race. A track becomes my worst dream at night. Many time I arouse in SWEAT and FURY without erection! !!! The track is worsten of the F1 calendar.

A moment in race becomes my frighten time.  The Kovalinen to be overtake by webber, but WEBBER DESTRUCT!!! I nearly shoot a turd!!!!! It became my bemoan when Webber launch! Into ORBIT like japan space probe asteroid.

It is thankful that although car destruct, Webber remain intact. I dislike aussie but I do not wish destruction upon any australian man. China man can destruct, for without my care!!! I am creating joking only ^_^

Vettel drive the boring race and win. I must tell it feelings of Vettel. When Vettel become pole or win it race, his FINGER makes for my FRUSTRATE! I have katana and wish it to be snipped off! Hatred of finger. SNIP FINGER.

The alonso becomes much fury at the Hamilton driver, because CARNAGE create with safety car! My believe is the Hamilton is crasy, Alonso crasy, FIA crasy. all Crasy!!! HAHAHA ^_^

Valencia race review!~

1. Race  - 5/10
2. Crash - 8/10 ( Webber orbit!!! )
3. OVERALL - 6/10


A comment is missing on my site. You, reader will make many. Wont you please? For our good time.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr Hiroku! Joke.

Mr Hiroku becomes many father of many children and the many women!. He enters many shop in Osaka. His funds are low

Lady #1 approach! In red dress.
"Mr Hiroku, your money is required! For a Child born is your shame"
Mr Hiroku run! Angry.

Suddenly! Lady #2 approach!! In green dress.
"Mr Hiroku, your house! For child!! It is appropriate to give to me."
Mr Hiroku run!!! Fasten to drink whiskey. Become more ANGER in Hiroku.

ALSO SUDDENLY! Lady #3 approach!! This one Mr Hiroku wife!!
"Mr Hiroku, give me money for my lunch to purchase!!"

Mr Hiroku look at his wife in aggression and say, "YOU LADY WILL become extinction!!"
Wife run! Mr Hiroku Chase! His fist wavering!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr Hiroku! Joke.


I post the Mr Hiroku joke for your good time. Mr Hiroku is very bad mans in japan culture.  He always get a trouble!! I have post many before in sim racing review many time long before, but I post here.  You will enjoy it.


most poplar japanese joke


Mr Horiku live in osaka with 3 bunny rabbit. For his good time he take one bunny to bed each night. The first one bunny go normal. It say 'THANKS Hiroku!!' The next time he take number 2 bunny. It go normal. IT SAY 'THANKS HIROKU!!' The next time he go for bunny 3. \"YOU DIDNMT PAY FOR THOSE FOODS!!!!!! he attacks them.


Red Bull, what happen?

For the initial post I create the confusion of the Red Bull F1 v RB6.

I am consider, that in race forthcoming, RED BULL becomes the slowness of the McLaren team. But my aggreivance is hardened by SILVERSTONE, for the track become a better useful for the chassis red Bull.

I post a mirror of comment on jamesallenonf1.com blog for same question - a response is my frustrate from allen! James.
A comment is required from populace in your good time!

Mitsi ^_^